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'Marketing, Interrupted'

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Why did I write this book?

Simply put, marketing is broken. Traditional marketers, guided by KPIs that demand increasingly novel interruptive tactics, have forgotten what it means to connect with people. 

Interruptive tactics don't work anymore. They're inauthentic, annoying, ineffective and a waste of money.

This book is intended to challenge marketers to change their ways ... to transform marketing in a way that gives customers a reason to care, a reason to listen, a reason to engage, a reason to buy, and most importantly, a reason to stay.

This is Transformational Marketing. 

- Dave Sutton

Thoughts on 'Marketing, Interrupted'

"When Dave Sutton asked to review his new marketing book, I hesitated. Will it have a new message for marketers? Will it be well-written? Will it contain fresh marketing stories? Will it cover all the new developments in marketing? My answer is yes! Read Dave Sutton's Marketing, Interrupted." 

Philip Kotler

Kellogg School of Management  
Northwestern University 
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