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Meet Kelly Chmielewski
Brand, Strategy + Design Innovator/Former VP, PBS Creative Lab

Kelly Chmielewski is an entrepreneurial leader committed to delivering positive impact at the intersection of exceptional branding, strategy and design. Kelly is the former Vice President of PBS Creative Lab, the in-house creative agency for this #5 ranked media company and beloved legacy brand. As a catalyst for creativity and advocate for human-centered design, Kelly has overseen ground-breaking creative, spearheaded numerous marketing "firsts" and launched a design-thinking-led approach to strategic planning across the PBS network. Her work has been recognized with numerous honors, including a national EMMY® Award. Kelly has also served as a pro bono strategist for the Taproot Foundation and board member for the Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT).


What is Transformational Marketing? 

Transformational Marketing alters business models by changing how organizations market, communicate, and sell to customers. 

By providing products and services that actually make the customers’ lives better, companies build valuable customer experiences and transform customers into brand advocates.

In previous and upcoming interviews, you'll listen to marketing leaders share how they are using Transformational Marketing to reshape their story, drive changes in their industries, and redefine the relationships with their customers.

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