Request a Transformational Marketer to Speak at Your Event

Why do you want a Transformational Marketer to speak at your next event?

Because marketing is broken. It’s too interruptive, too impersonal, too transactional. As consumers, we seek authenticity. We want marketing that’s relevant to us but only when we’re good and ready for it. These new expectations call for marketers to make a change.

Transformational Marketing is the pathway that connects marketers with today’s consumers. Our 3S marketing approach (Story, Strategy, Systems — in that order) can be applied to any business sector, from non-profit to multinational corporations.

Our Transformational Marketers are prepared to speak on myriad topics related to brand strategy, change management, digital transformation, and the state of marketing today.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Interrupting Marketing as Usual

  • Earning Boardroom Respect for Marketing

  • Taking a Stand For Your Brand

  • The New 3S Playbook to Accelerate Transformational Marketers

  • Increasing Customer Loyalty and Generating Advocacy

  • Overcoming Marketing Mayhem

  • Marketing for Talent

  • Understanding Your Customer’s Customer

  • Data, Analytics & Insights to Inform Storytelling & Strategies

Meet the Transformational Marketers

Dave Sutton
President & CEO, TopRight
Author of Marketing Interrupted and Enterprise Marketing Management

Dave believes in putting ROI at the center of everything marketing does. As a leading authority on applying transformational marketing principles, organizations seek Dave out to help them develop compelling marketing and sales strategies. He is a leading authority on Transformational Marketing: enabling businesses to reach, connect and engage with customers in new ways. 



Bill Fasig

COO and Managing Partner, TopRight

Bill brings a wealth of senior executive and leadership experience as CEO and CMO for leading companies in the technology, marketing and gaming industries over a 30-year career. He has had the opportunity to help create and lead several notable brand strategy and marketing campaign’s from both the client and agency side. He believes in the importance of a simple and clear brand story that aligns with your customers' experiences of that story. 

Chris Weissman

Partner, TopRight

 Chris has over 25 years of marketing and leadership experience for leading consumer and B2C companies. Prior to joining TopRight, Chris served as CMO for The Honey Baked Ham Company where he delivered strong e-commerce and retail growth. He believes that the science of marketing is becoming increasingly important to driving growth in highly competitive industries.