Request a Transformational Marketer to Speak at Your Event

Why do you want a Transformational Marketer to speak at your next event?

Because marketing is broken. It’s too interruptive, too impersonal, too transactional. As consumers, we seek authenticity. We want marketing that’s relevant to us but only when we’re good and ready for it. These new expectations call for marketers to make a change.

Transformational Marketing is the pathway that connects marketers with today’s consumers. Our 3S marketing approach (Story, Strategy, Systems — in that order) can be applied to any business sector, from non-profit to multinational corporations.

Our Transformational Marketers are prepared to speak on myriad topics related to brand strategy, change management, digital transformation, and the state of marketing today.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Interrupting Marketing as Usual

  • Earning Boardroom Respect for Marketing

  • Taking a Stand For Your Brand

  • The New 3S Playbook to Accelerate Transformational Marketers

  • Increasing Customer Loyalty and Generating Advocacy

  • Overcoming Marketing Mayhem

  • Marketing for Talent

  • Understanding Your Customer’s Customer

  • Data, Analytics & Insights to Inform Storytelling & Strategies

Meet the Transformational Marketers


Dave Sutton

President and CEO, TopRight Partners
Author of Marketing, Interrupted & Enterprise Marketing Management

Dave believes in putting ROI at the center of everything marketing does. As a leading authority on applying transformational marketing principles, organizations seek out Dave to help them develop compelling marketing and sales strategies.




Bill Fasig

COO and Managing Partner, TopRight Partners
Brand Strategy Expert

Bill believes in the value of building effective brand strategy. Leveraging his cross c-suite experiences in both public & private companies, Bill’s clients leverage his award winning creative skills.


Bill Stone

CRO and Managing Partner, TopRight Partners
Value Creation, Acceleration & Engagement Expert

Bill knows from experience there is a lot of revenue stuck in your sales funnel, and his passion is helping organizations make the move from pure transactional marketing to Transformational Marketing in order to capture it.